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Manual Mobile Storage / Racks

We specialize in providing high-quality mobile storage systems and racks for various applications. With our expertise in space optimization and a diverse range of mobile storage solutions, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you require mobile storage systems for warehouses, archives, offices, or any other application, we have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

Our Products and Services:

Mobile Shelving Systems:

Our mobile shelving systems are designed to maximize storage capacity in areas with limited floor space. These systems consist of shelving units mounted on movable carriages that compact together, creating an aisle only where needed. By eliminating unnecessary aisles, mobile shelving systems can increase storage capacity by up to 50% compared to traditional static shelving.

Mobile Racking Systems:

Our mobile racking systems, also known as high-density storage systems, are designed for storing larger and heavier items. These systems use movable racks mounted on carriages that can be manually or electronically operated. Mobile racking systems are ideal for applications where space is at a premium and where easy accessibility to stored items is crucial.

Compactus Systems:

Our Compactus systems provide versatile storage solutions for offices, libraries, and archives. Compactus units consist of shelving bays mounted on a compacting carriage system. By eliminating wasted aisle space, Compactus systems significantly increase storage capacity while maintaining easy access to stored items. They are available in manual, mechanical-assist, and fully motorized options.

Mobile Filing Systems:

Our mobile filing systems are designed specifically for efficient document storage and retrieval. These systems utilize movable shelves that can be compacted together to maximize storage density. Mobile filing systems help optimize office space, enhance document organization, and improve workflow efficiency.

Custom Mobile Storage Solutions:

We understand that each storage requirement is unique. Our experienced team can work closely with you to design and manufacture custom mobile storage solutions that meet your specific needs, including specialized racks, layouts, and accessories. We prioritize functionality, space optimization, and ease of use in our custom mobile storage designs.

Industries and Application Areas:

Warehousing and Distribution

Archives and Document Storage

Libraries and Educational Institutions

Offices and Commercial Spaces

Museums and Galleries

Healthcare Facilities

Legal and Financial Institutions

Why Choose Us:

Extensive experience in storage system solutions

High-quality products from reputable manufacturers

Customization options to match your specific needs

Expertise in optimizing storage space utilization

Timely project delivery and efficient project management

Excellent customer service and support

Commitment to quality, durability, and safety

Contact us today to discuss your mobile storage system needs. Whether you require standard mobile storage systems, custom solutions, or accessories, we are ready to partner with you to provide reliable and efficient storage solutions that meet your requirements and enhance your storage capabilities.